Looking for the Best Termite Exterminator in Columbus, OH?

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars because of the damages that are brought about by termites. They may seem to be harmless insects, but they are actually affecting households and businesses in a major way. When you come to think about it, termites do not just affect the financial issues of a family—it can also affect their safety from woodwork failing their various functions as walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. The only way to effectively win against termites is to find the best termite inspectors near you. Luckily, we are already here waiting for your call so that you can quickly avail our best termite treatment service.

We are the TOP Termite Inspectors Columbus, Ohio Has to Offer!

Many citizens have been thankful for our natural termite treatment and affordable service, and we are more than willing to help you eradicate these pests that invade and destroy your home. We provide local but best solutions without much burden on the family budget. Our company service may not be free, but the cost will be worth the clean and uninfested home. Here are other benefits that you can enjoy with our service:

  • Our termite treatment is guaranteed to serve its purpose. All of the clients who requested our service were all satisfied with that they got, which is they have no more termites living in their homes. We assure you that all of the termites in your home will be gone in less than a day, and they will not be coming to your home for a long period of time.
  • You do not need to worry about harmful greenhouse gases and chemicals. Our pest treatment methods are eco-friendly and human health-friendly all the way. We guarantee you that even a person with sensitive allergic reactions will not have any with our natural treatment.
  • Your home will be easily inhabitable right after the termite removal. Never worry about not getting work or activities done, because our service will be completed within a few hours. Also, our natural termite treatment will not assault your respiratory systems, because we understand that safety is priority for all of our clients.
  • We always plan with the clients. We do not go through any treatment or procedure without legitimate approval from the clients. We discuss the severity of the case with the clients, then suggest the best options available and recommended for the case.
  • The best package deals are available to suit your needs and preferences. You may have several issues about pest control or may have a tight budget. Worry not because we have various packages that will suit each need and want.

What You Need to Know about Termites

Dry wood and subterranean termites can be variously available in different areas, but they have almost the same characteristics and details. The termites can be classified into two kinds: the workers and the swarmers. Swarmers make up the main colonies in which reproduction of termites happen, while workers do the other tasks needed for their survival. Workers are smaller than swarmers, with the former about 3-4 mm, while the latter 4 mm and above in length. But all in all, all of them feed on wood, so wooden structures and furniture in your home are in danger in the presence of termites. It would be wise to know how to identify them, and how to look for signs that they are living in or near your home. When you observe the following signs, call our company immediately to bust those termites out:

  • There are holes in your home’s wooden structures or furniture. This is the most obvious sign of the existence of termites in your homes. Termites like to eat wood and make holes out of the wood itself so that they can establish their living areas at the same time.
  • The walls, posts, and other parts of your home’s foundation, are cracked. If your home’s foundation seem to be damaged or cracked, there is a possibility that termites have already invaded your home from the walls and posts. The termites can come from the ground and come inside these foundations, especially if these are weak and can easily erode.
  • There are brown and dry tunnels in your home or near your home. These small tunnels are made from mud, termite feces, and saliva. If you see these tunnels nearby or inside your home, then they are probably within those areas.
  • The walls, ceilings, and floors may suddenly get weak. Wooden walls, ceilings, and floors may suddenly flop out or give up from their then firm positions. This is because the termites drill holes into the wood, and will eat the wood from inside out. The structure then becomes hollow inside because the wood has turned to termite food.
  • You see sheds of wings and small pellets in or near the wooden structures or furniture. When termites swarm, they lose their wings so the shedding will be in piles or dominant in a certain infested area. Also, the small pellets are actually termite excrement.