Trusted Mice Exterminator in Columbus, Ohio

Mice infestations can prove to be a hassle to your daily life, especially at home. They can cause you and your family to lose sleep because of their nocturnal squeaking, contract deadly illnesses and diseases, and lose legal documents, electrical wiring, hard-earned furniture, appliances, and other valuable things because of the mice’s destructive nature. The best way to exterminate these pests is to call your local mice removal service provider, and that is why we are here in Columbus, Ohio.

Affordable Mouse Removal in Columbus OH

Hundreds of clients have trusted us in applying our best mice extermination solution to their mice-infested homes, and we have not failed a single client. We have improved the packages we offer so that everybody who needs pest control service can acquire it with natural and affordable treatment. Here is a list why our clients loved our company’s service throughout these years:

  1. Your health is safe. We do not use treatments that are detrimental to any living thing’s health, particularly people’s health. Also, plants, pets, poultry, and livestock are not affected at all by our treatments.
  2. You do not have to worry about several days of smelly chemicals. Mice removal will only take a few hours, and the infested area will be back to its regular state, uninfested and usable, right after the procedure.
  3. Our packages are cost-friendly but are always effective. Family budgets can be tight so we made sure that we can offer you the best deals so that we can work with your preferred budget.
  4. We respect our clients’ decisions and opinions. Although our company will suggest the best deals and treatments, it will be in the discretion of the client if we will continue with them. We are here to help you on mice extermination, not gain revenue from false advertising.
  5. We respect our clients’ safety and privacy. A mice infestation can be quite a bit of a story in your neighbourhood. Our company assures you that your personal information and the details of the extermination will be kept in utmost secrecy. Nevertheless, these information will be stored for possible future services we can help you with.

Facts You Need to Know about Mice

Before contacting any pest control service, a wise home owner should be wise to know significant information about mice. Your own knowledge about the infestation and the signs of mice in your home will greatly help in completely exterminating them.

  • The mice make their nests out of your things. They do not eat your clothes, shoes, boxes, and wires. They only need those bits to build their nests. They usually eat fruits and vegetables, but they are not still considered as clean animals.
  • They build their nests in unkempt places. In case you have drawers, closets, and unclean spaces, you might want to check up on them because these are the most likely main locations of mice infestation.
  • Their body parts and internal organs may contain virus and bacteria that are detrimental to human health. Their fur, feet, claws have been in contact with different kinds of dirt, waste, and microorganisms. The fit into small spaces in which some deadly bacteria may reside. Also, their internal organs are not an exception when it comes to contamination. It is best to not touch them at all costs.
  • People can suffer and die from the diseases and illnesses brought by mice. As small as they are, these creatures can endanger human lives because of the serious cases of mice infestation and contamination. Diseases like salmonellosis and leptospirosis prove to be dangerous to people’s overall health.
  • Skin contact, food and wound contamination can result to the diseases and illnesses. Aside from directly touching them, mice can unknowingly crawl to your food or your food cabinet. Agricultural businesses have suffered major losses due to mice infestation, and your home will not be an exception to the possible targets. Also, do not go near mice nests or mice-infested areas when you have an open wound. This makes the contamination get into the body faster and it can lead to deadly results.
  • They leave their own dark-colored droppings in their nests or nearby. A sign of mice being present in your own home is the existence of their excrements. Sometimes, they also live a trail of their urine in these areas. These excrements should not be touched without proper and secure gloves and a face mask. The possibility of contaminated particles flying into contact with your body is likely if the excrements are disturbed. But to be sure, contact a pest control service to do the cleaning and extermination for you.
  • Having holes in your furniture and things is a big sign that they are present in your home. When you see holes that were not there before in your furniture and equipment, then this is possibly caused by mice infestation. But then again, do not touch the holes with your bare hands because of the saliva that is possibly still on the holes.