Looking for the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Columbus, OH?

Getting in touch with your naturalist personality can be nice during camping trips, but letting bed bugs sleep with you during the night or letting them even to live with you for a long time will be an unpleasant experience in the making. Bed bugs can attack just about any warm-blooded being, and people are not an exception in their list of feeding targets. The best way to not be targeted by them is to prevent them from living near your home, but sometimes living areas are too late for prevention. Fortunately, there are obvious signs when bed bugs already exist in an area. Before contacting a bed bug exterminator, it would be best to observe your premises first for clues if you are really dealing with a bed bug problem or not:

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are one of those insects that are considered pests because of their destructive nature towards human habitat and physical health. They also target warm-blooded animals so they are also pests for our beloved pets and poultry, among others. Usually colored white, tan, and dark orange, bed bugs are also seen as flat insects that can fit and live anywhere from cracks to unkempt spaces. They can live in shoes, boxes, suitcases, drawers—everywhere that they can preserve their biotic kind. To add to that, they can easily travel from one home to another (a visitor from a bed bug-infested home comes to your house, for instance). The transfer can be unforeseen and surprising, especially that hatchlings are as small as poppy seeds while the adult bed bugs are four times shorter than an inch. To be fully prepared, our company gives you the following information regarding the signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Out of the blue, you see blood stains on your sleeping paraphernalia. If you are seeing these blood stains for the first time and you cannot pinpoint the reason for these, this can be a sign of bed bugs invading your sleeping area.
  • Reddish and irritably itchy bite marks appear on your exposed skin during your sleeping time. The exposed skin will be the easiest targets for bed bugs to suck blood from, so your face, arms, and legs can have these bite marks if they actually are present in the bedroom. They could even be living within the mattress.
  • Dark spots have been appearing on the bedposts, headboard, floorboards, and the furniture surfaces. If you see these spots with the signs above, these dark spots is not from the bed or furniture’s old age—these are bed bug excrements.
  • The matress, bed, or the furniture smells like mold. The said bed bug excrements from above gives off an awful smell that can be related to mold. If you smell this and saw the above signs, then there are bed bugs probably lurking within your home. These signs should signal that you need to call bed bug exterminators immediately to solve the problem.

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Numerous citizens of Columbus, Ohio have been grateful to our company’s affordable services and natural bed bug treatment, and we have yet to disappoint anyone with the benefits of calling on us for bed bug removal. As the best bed bug exterminator in Columbus, we are a constantly growing local company that aims to help you get rid of bed bugs in your home with our best deals and affordable packages. Aside from those, here are the other benefits of calling on our company for bed bug removal:

  1. Thorough inspection and planning will ensue between the company and the clients. Our company will never make a decision without your approval. Also, the exterminators will be inspecting the infested area completely to accurately assess the severity of the bed bug problem. The assessment will be discussed with the clients to inform them about it and to avoid confusion or suspicion.
  2. The bed bug removal will only take a few hours off your day. You may worry about the hassle of the treatment within your home with regards to your usual activities or routine in it, but our services assures you that you do not have to worry. After a few hours of the treatment procedure, you are welcome to continue with your regular room or area use.
  3. The treatment is guaranteed environment-friendly and safe for all. The treatment will not affect anyone’s health, and it will also not do any harm to your pets, plants, trees, and even if you have sensitive poultry animals. Our treatments were carefully selected to ensure 100% safety.
  4. All of the bed bugs will be surely eradicated in no time. All of the bed bugs will completely be erased from your home and will not be there for a long time. The treatments are designed to keep them away for a long period.
  5. We respect secrecy and the safety of your personal information. The secrecy will also serve the purpose of future services, if you need any.